The Beaver State podcast Episode 18: Beavers

July 23, 2020

The Beaver State Podcast is a product of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that takes a look at hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing in Oregon through conversations with Oregonians, ODFW staff and luminaries throughout the conservation world. Each half-hour to forty-five minute podcast will explore complex fish and wildlife topics broadly and in detail, and future episodes will feature weekly information from the Recreation Report.

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Episode 18: The Beaver State Podcast: Beavers

Did you know that not all beavers build dams, and that just because you don't see a beaver dam doesn't mean beavers aren't there, or that beavers can probably travel much further than you think they can? In this episode, we talk to Oregon State University wildlife researcher Vanessa Petro about common misconceptions about beavers and what we do know about beaver behavior and conservation in Oregon.

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