The Beaver State podcast Episode 22: Climate Change

August 20, 2020

The Beaver State Podcast is a product of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that takes a look at hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing in Oregon through conversations with Oregonians, ODFW staff and luminaries throughout the conservation world. Each half-hour to forty-five minute podcast will explore complex fish and wildlife topics broadly and in detail, and future episodes will feature weekly information from the Recreation Report.

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Episode 22: The Beaver State Podcast: Climate Change

Dr. Shaun Clements is at the interface between science and policy, where he looks at things like the impacts of climate change on our oceans, rivers and the fish that live there. Ultimately he helps create policy based on the scientific data he collects and sees. While many think of climate change as something that will happen way down the road, Dr. Clements is looking at the way warming rivers and increasingly acidic oceans are affecting the fish and wildlife that live there now.

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