Changes to 2019 tag numbers and Big Game regulations

April 15, 2019

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (Department) would like to make hunters aware of the following changes and corrections to regulations for fall 2019 big game hunts.

Tag Number and Season Changes:

  • Hunt 152B – Starkey Experimental Forest (buck deer) tags are being reduced from 25 to 10 to maintain the deer herd consistent with ongoing research monitoring the mule deer population as the elk herd is reduced. 
  • Hunt # 244A – Columbia Basin (antlerless elk) tags are being increased from 110 to 250.

The hunt is in an elk de-emphasis area, the change is to address continued damage from the build-up of resident elk herds.

  • Hunt # 248E – Willow Creek (antlerless elk) tags will be increased from 80 to 170 to reduce damage from resident elk that are now staying in the area year-round.
  • Hunt #254M1 – Union Agr. No. 1 is being changed from a muzzleloader hunt to allow any weapon legal for elk in Oregon to more effectively address damage caused by elk becoming habituated to agricultural areas of the Grande Ronde Valley. Tag numbers will be increased to 200 (161 tags were listed in 2019 Big Game Regulations).

Corrections to 2019 Big Game Regulations: 

  • The Wenaha 1st season Spike-only elk hunt (256X) has the wrong season dates (Oct 23-Nov 10) printed in the hard copy 2019 Big Game Regulations.  The dates were corrected to Oct 23-27 several months ago in the online E-Regulations and as part of the application process.  The Department will try to contact hunters who apply for this hunt to be sure they are aware the correct dates are Oct 23-27.
  • The message informing hunters they must be listed on a Landowner Permission Form to apply for Northside Private Land hunts 247A1 and 247A2 was inadvertently dropped from page 46 in the Big Game Regulations; the information is in the hunt area description on page 99.

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