Things to know before buying a license or applying for a tag

April 16, 2019

Verify your account now so you’re good to go before the controlled hunt tag application deadline.

If you are applying for a tag online, you first need to verify your account.

If you have had an annual hunting or fishing license in the last three years (or if you have existing status with a Pioneer license, disability permit, preference points, etc.), you need to VERIFY your existing ODFW account. Do not  create a NEW account if you have had an annual hunting or fishing license in the last three years or have a Pioneer license, disability permit, etc. Instead, verify your existing account.

Go directly to the licensing page

What you need to verify your account

  • Last name, date of birth and one of the following pieces of information:
  • Hunter/Angler ID# (now called the ODFW ID#) which is printed on all licenses and tags from 2018 and prior years; OR
  • Phone number associated with account; OR
  • Email associated with account.
  • A pen and paper because you will be creating a username and password that you will need to remember for all future self-service purchases.

Enter the address from your most recent license

If you’ve moved since you last gave ODFW your address, be sure to use your old address when verifying your account information. This may not be your current residence if you’ve moved and haven’t updated your license information. If you have moved, remember to provide your new address when you update your customer profile.

To apply for a tag

  • Login at the ODFW Licensing page (after first using Verify/Look Up Account and completing your account setup).
  • Go to Purchase from the Catalog / Big Game Hunting / Controlled Hunts.
  • Choose the hunt series you want to apply for (such as 200 series elk hunts or Premium elk hunts).
  • Proceed to checkout; you will make your hunt choices or choose a point saver during the checkout process.
  • If you are applying on a mobile phone, a dropdown menu may cover view of your hunt series application. Just click the arrow next to Product Categories to lift the dropdown menu.

If you have questions

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