2020 Stamp Art Winners

Winning Wildlife Art Announced

November 5, 2019

Competition was stiff this year for the 2020 Habitat Conservation, Upland Game Bird, and Waterfowl Stamp art contests.

An independent panel of judges deliberated over 84 art entries, ultimately choosing winners and runners up for the agency’s three contests. The art was showcased at Duck Pond Cellars and opened to the public after judging.

Medford artist Karin Wares won the Habitat Conservation Stamp contest with her painting of canary rockfish, an Oregon Nearshore Strategy Species. This is the first year a fish painting was chosen to be the face of the 2020 Habitat Conservation Stamp.

John Conner, an artist from Grandville, Michigan, took first in the Upland Game Bird Stamp contest with his rendition of greater sage-grouse, a notoriously challenging species to paint.

A newcomer to the contest, Jeffrey Klinefelter of Etna Green, Indiana won the Waterfowl Stamp competition with his incredibly life-like painting of redhead ducks.

Visitors to the art show voted on their favorite pieces for the People’s Choice Award. For the first time, two entries tied for this award – Leach’s storm-petrel by Kip Richmond and black oystercatcher by Terri Neal.

2021 contest rules will be announced soon.