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Recreation Report



Spring turkey season: The spring turkey season is now open through May 31. Turkey populations are doing quite well and increasing in abundance yearly. There are flocks associated with essentially all agricultural lands in the county. Those interested in hunting turkeys should scout agricultural lands in the Coos and Coquille drainages. There are very few turkeys that can be found on public lands or private timber lands. Persistent hunters who ask for permission to access private lands often find good hunting in the county.

For more information, check the 2018 Spring Turkey Hunting Forecast.

Eurasian collared doves: These non-native doves are found in Coos County. While they are generally found near residential areas, they can be found in other locations. They tend to be most common in association with agricultural lands and other rural settings. There is no closed season or bag limit for them and they are, reportedly, good to eat. Hunters need to get permission to hunt them on private land. With a little pre-hunt scouting it is possible to find the birds in sufficient numbers to have a quality hunting experience.


Spring turkey: The general spring season opens April 15 and runs through May 31. Douglas County toms are currently gathering and breeding hens throughout their available habitat. This is making them highly visible and easier to scout for those opening morning opportunities. Most Douglas County turkeys are found on or adjacent to private agricultural lands where permission will need to be obtained prior to hunting.

ODFW has also supplemented prime habitat within the Umpqua National Forest with turkeys over the last several years. Healthy turkey production around the Toketee, Tiller and Upper Cow Creek areas of the Umpqua National Forest can give hunters a different experience and opportunity to test their turkey calling skills.

For more information, check the 2018 Spring Turkey Hunting Forecast.

Eurasian Collared-Doves: These non-natives are expanding throughout Douglas County. These birds have no protections in Oregon, so there are no closed seasons for these invasives and no limits to their harvest. Target Eurasian collared-doves around agricultural areas and forest openings where food sources are abundant. Be sure of your identification before you hunt these abundant invasive birds. Identify this species and its habitat


Spring turkey season continues through May 31. This has been an excellent year for turkey hunting; there seemed to be an above average number of birds and that has led to an increased amount of harvest. If you haven’t hunted yet, or you want to try for a second or third bird, you still have a chance. Toms are still gobbling and most likely will be for a few more weeks. The daily bag limit is one male turkey or a turkey with a visible beard; you are allowed to purchase up to three turkey tags over the course of the season.

For more information, check the 2018 Spring Turkey Hunting Forecast