C2 Ranch Youth Deer Hunt Drawing - Eagle Point

hunts made possible through ODFW Access and Habitat Program, support from OHA Rogue Valley, and the C2 Cattle Company

Hunt Dates: Rogue Unit Youth Deer (630T) December 15th - January 5th

Location: Eagle Point, OR 97524 - if you are a winner, you will be notified of exact address by December 2nd 

The C2 Cattle Company is a 10,000 acre ranch located 25 minutes east of Medford. They are a conservation minded cattle ranch that has a vision of preserving the land and natural resources including wild game, while running a working cattle ranch.

ODFW will be conducting a drawing to allow 10 youth deer hunts during the 2020 season. Successful applicants will receive a 1 day guided hunt. The Ranch will coordinate the hunts and try to accommodate requests for hunting dates to the best of their ability.

These hunts are made possible through the ODFW Access and Habitat Program, with additional support from the Rogue Valley Chapter of OHA.

To be eligible to apply hunters must be:

  • Hunters must have an Rogue Unit Youth Deer Tag (630T)
  • or be eligible to participate in the Youth "First Time Hunt" Program for a 600 series tag. More information about the Youth "First Time" program can be found here https://myodfw.com/articles/hunting-opportunities-youth
  •  Valid Hunting license

To apply for the drawing, Click "apply now" button below