image of two anglers bow fishing

Family Bow Fishing Event

Join ODFW staff and volunteers at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area for a day of bow fishing. Bow fishing is a fun way to get outdoors and try your archery skills in a way different than shooting a paper target. Carp are an invasive species here in Oregon, meaning they directly compete with native fish for food and space.This means that removing these fish is encouraged. The event is free, equipment and guidance will be provided.

Participants should bring their own ice chest, mud boots or waders, polarized sunglasses, sun screen and bug spray. If you have your own bow fishing set up you are encouraged to bring it and join in on the fun! Bow fishing set-ups will be provided for those who do not have.

Required: Angling licenses will not be available for purchase at the event, please pre-purchase before attending. 

Age: Must be able to pull a minimum of 35 pounds in draw weight.

Photo credit: Archery Trade Association