Mule deer buck

Hunt to Home - What to do after the hunt - Central Point

presented by OHA and the OSU Master Food Preservers

Jackson County's OSU Extension Master Food Preservers and the Oregon Hunters Association are proud to present this two-day event. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned hunter, safe handling practices and sanitation of your game are things you want to know.

Day One: We will eviscerate, skin and cool an animal. A guest speaker from Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will discuss animal health and what to watch for.

Day Two: We will learn how to home butcher, wrap for the freezer, pressure, can, and make your own jerky: important topics for processing your wild game safely.

We're sure you'll pick up new tips and tricks that you'll be eager to try on your own! From the hunt to transporting to home processing, these classes are a must for you.

What to Bring: Bring a lunch to each class.

Accomodation requests related to disability should be made no less than 3 weeks before the class date by calling 1-541-776-7371 or e-mailing