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Hunter Education Registration

Earn your permanent Hunter Education Certificate!

Hunter Education classes are held throughout the State of Oregon. Each student must register online or at any retailer that sells hunting/fishing licenses. Registration cost is $10.00 per student. 

Two ways to complete Hunter Education - choose one!

Conventional Course: This is a classroom setting and instructor taught. Students meet over a period of a couple weeks and learn through the student manual, Instructor taught, classroom discussions, and hands on exercises. Student will receive a hard copy student manual through the class. Field day portion is included in the course dates listed.

Online Course: Complete the classroom hours online at your own pace. There will be a qualifier exam at the end of the online course you must pass to attend a Field Day. There are 4 online choices (companies) to choose from - all are approved through ODFW. You must register for Field Day seperately.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife provides all equipment to Hunter Ed course events - do NOT bring your own firearms or ammo. If you have personal safety goggles or ear protection you may bring those to the event, if you don't have, we will provide.

Register for a Conventional Course or Field Day Only (online portion for Field Day Only must be completed by the Field Day date - so time it right!) https://or.outdoorcentral.us/or/license

Take the online course by pressing the button below (make sure you register for a field day seperately!)