Hunter Viewing the field

Learn to Hunt - Intro to Hunting Big Game in Oregon

This is the first class in ODFW's new Learn to Hunt Big Game series, which will eventually include follow-up classes in Shooting and/or Archery Skills (choose one or both) and Scouting and Hunting Techniques.

This is the first course in the Learn to Hunt Big Game Series ( to be rolled out this summer) and is a prerequisite to our archery skills and rifle skills courses, which will be offered soon.

This introduction to big game hunting class will cover:

  • Why consider hunting
  • What species you can hunt for in Oregon
  • When you can hunt the different species
  • Where you can hunt

You'll will learn about the different licenses and tags you need to hunt, and when to apply. You'll also learn about concepts of fair chase and ethics, the types of weapons and other equipment you'll need for hunting, information about conservation funding and the other resources available to help you get started. 

This Seminar is available for those 18 years and older.