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Learn to Big Game Hunt

Learn to Hunt - Intro to Hunting Big Game in Oregon

If you are a new adult hunter, this two hour course will provide you with a broad overview of hunting in Oregon and more specifically the knowledge to get started on your big game hunting journey.

This is the first course in the Learn to Hunt Big Game series which is going to be rolled out in 2020 and is a pre-requisite to our archery skills and rifle skills courses coming in 2020.

Topics covered include: Why hunt, what can you hunt in Oregon, when can you hunt the different species, and where can you hunt. You will learn about different licenses and tags needed to hunt and when to put in for them. You will also be introduced to the topics of fair chase and ethics, gain knowledge of the types of weapons and other equipment needed for hunting, receive information on conservation funding and other resources to get you started on hunting. 

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Learn to Big Game Hunt
Cabelas Tualatin
December 18th 2019
6:00pm - 8:00pm