There are basic rules of safety and etiquette that apply at archery ranges. Be sure you’re following them.

Etiquette on the range

Etiquette is an important part of a fun, positive and safe experience on the archery range. Proper range etiquette starts with safety, for you and others around you.

  • Keep arrows pointed down range.
  • Give fellow shooters plenty of space, and never cross into their shooting lane with your body or equipment.
  • Pay attention to what’s going on around you, especially when leaving or entering the shooting line.
  • Straddle the shooting line -- one foot on each side -- when shooting.
  • Shoot as many arrows as those around you to minimize wait times between shooting and retrieving.
  • Once you’ve shot all your arrows, step back from the shooting line, place your bow on the rack and wait.
  • When everyone has completed the round ask “Clear?” and wait for a response before walking downrange to retrieve your arrows.
    • If you hear someone ask “Clear?" take a look around at other archers. If everyone is done shooting, respond “Clear” and move down range to retrieve arrows.
  • When pulling arrows, make sure no one is standing behind you.
  • Be supportive of fellow archers.

Rules of the range

In addition to specific rules related to the range your shooting at, there are some universal practices that help maintain a safe practice environment.

  • Know and obey the range rules.
  • Inspect your equipment prior to shooting.
  • Always walk, don't run, on the range.
  • Only shoot a bow with an arrow properly nocked. To shoot without an arrow is called a dry fire.
  • Keep arrows in the quiver until ready to shoot.
  • Keep arrows pointed down or towards the target.
  • Shoot only the targets in your lane.
  • Be certain your line of fire is clear.
  • Only walk down range when it is clear to do so.
  • Stand on the same shooting line as other archers, not in front of or behind them.

Knowing and abiding by archery range etiquette and rules ensures a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone.