image of a hunter with a nice spring turkey

Hunt by Reservation Program

Since many game birds in Oregon reside on private land, finding a place to hunt can be challenging. The Hunt by Reservation Program brings hunters and landowners together to provide quality hunting experiences.

About this program

ODFW’s Hunt by Reservation Program connects hunters with private landowners. By making a reservation online, hunters receive a permit to hunt select private lands on dates that landowners select ahead of time. This program benefits hunters by providing quality hunting opportunities on private land. It benefits landowners by helping them coordinate hunt logistics and manage healthy wildlife populations in their area.

For this program to succeed, hunters and landowners must cooperate with utmost trust and respect. If a landowner reports any hunter misbehavior (for example: showing disrespect, unsafe shots, property damage, breaking program rules, violating wildlife laws), we will exclude that hunter and the rest of their party from the program. One strike and you’re out. Keep each other accountable, and remember that your behavior shapes the reputation of all hunters and the future of this program.

Lastly, hunters please remember that life happens. There could be times when a landowner cannot allow hunting on a scheduled date because of issues with livestock, family, unplanned trips and so on. If a landowner needs to cancel your reserved hunting date, please be understanding and contact us ASAP to try and reschedule.

Contact the HBR Program Coordinator if you have questions or need more information.


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