Recent razor clam samples indicate levels of domoic acid (a marine biotoxin) are above the safety threshold.

Follow the #25DaysOfFishmas: Shellfish Edition

ODFW uses this hashtag each December to highlight unique species of Oregon fish. This year's we're hitting the beach with a special Shellfish Edition. Starting Dec. 1, look for it on www.Twitter (X).com/myodfw and‌

Ideas for winter wildlife watching

Most resident birds and mammals don't hibernate for the winter, and neither should you. Winter can be an excellent time to watch for some of Oregon's native species. Here are a few ideas:‌

  • Over 25,000 gray whales pass by Oregon shores during their winter migration. You can see many from shore. Check out the prime times and viewing locations.
  • Migrating waterfowl and other birds are gathering in large flocks in coastal estuaries and lakes up and down the Oregon coast.
  • Heavy snow in the hills is pushing elk herds to lower elevations where they're easier to see. Several wildlife areas, including Jewell Meadows and Dean Creek, offer excellent viewing opportunities.
  • The 124rd Audubon's Christmas Bird Count is coming up Dec. 14 – Jan. 5. What a great reason to bird watch in the winter. Find out how to participate.

Report your hunt

If you purchased a tag for a 2023 hunt, you must report by Jan. 31 – even if you didn't hunt or were unsuccessful. Information from hunters who did not hunt or did not harvest an animal is as important as from those who did take an animal. Find ways to report.‌

Find duck harvest numbers

If you're wondering how duck hunting has been at ODFW wildlife areas, check the recent harvest statistics on‌