two road cyclists pause to let a herd of elk cross the street ahead of them

Wildlife Viewing

Watchable wildlife can be found in every corner of the state – including your own backyard. Wildlife viewing adventures can vary from a walk around your neighborhood scouting for seasonal songbirds to a hike in the woods to catch sight of an elusive bull elk in its natural environment. Your opportunities are limited only by your observation skills – so keep the binoculars handy!

Support Oregon’s wildlife

The Oregon Conservation & Recreation Fund is a new way for Oregonians to help protect and enhance wildlife species and their habitats, and to create new opportunities for wildlife watching, urban conservation, community science, and other wildlife-associated recreation.

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View Oregon's wildlife

Check out ODFW's Wildlife Viewing Map for information on where the best viewing spots are located and the best time of year to see your favorite critters. The map details more than 200 great places to see wildlife around the state and enhances the weekly Recreation Report by giving detailed directions, maps and links to area information. Flags are color coded to match Recreation Report zones.

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Map of locations in Oregon to view wildlife
Google map of locations to view wildlife in Oregon