A mom helps her daughter hold a fishing pole at Canby Pond.

2020 Free Fishing Days and Events

On Free Fishing Weekends, you don’t need a license to fish, crab or clam anywhere in Oregon.
That’s no license, no tag, no endorsement needed.

2020 Free Fishing* Weekends/Days

Feb. 15-16 (Saturday & Sunday), President’s Day Weekend
June 6-7 (Saturday & Sunday)
Aug. 15-16 (Saturday & Sunday)
Nov. 27-28 (Friday & Saturday), Thanksgiving Weekend

*The FINE PRINT: Area closures, bag limits and all other regulations still apply.

Join us at a Free Fishing Event

The first weekend in June is Oregon’s traditional Free Fishing Weekend. On this weekend, ODFW and its partners will be sponsoring fishing events throughout the state. These events are free, and at most we’ll even provide the gear and instruction you’ll need to get started – from baiting the hook to landing your catch.


The 2020 event calendar will be posted in March.

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