The Beaver State podcast Episode 26: Mule Deer Research

September 17, 2020

The Beaver State Podcast is a product of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that takes a look at hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing in Oregon through conversations with Oregonians, ODFW staff and luminaries throughout the conservation world. Each half-hour to forty-five minute podcast will explore complex fish and wildlife topics broadly and in detail, and future episodes will feature weekly information from the Recreation Report.

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Episode 26: The Beaver State Podcast: Mule Deer Research

Dr. Darren Clark is a research scientist who studies many different Oregon wildlife species, but one of the most significant in terms of challenges is the iconic mule deer. Declines in mule deer populations in Oregon make for a lot of questions about how to effectively manage them. Dr. Clark’s research at both Starkey Experimental Forest and with a large-scale project that collared more than 500 mule deer to study migration routes and summer and winter range behaviors, provides wildlife managers with key data to help inform conservation decisions for these remarkable animals.

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