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General Season Antlerless Elk Damage tag

December 19, 2019

Due to increasing numbers of elk on private land and chronic elk damage, ODFW is piloting a new general season elk damage tag

In a nutshell:

  • These tags are a hunter’s only elk hunting opportunity for the year, and cannot be used in addition to other general season or controlled elk hung tags.
  • These over-the-counter tags can be purchased throughout the hunting season.
  • Tags may be used in any of the hunt areas shown on the map below.
  • The vast majority of these hunts are on private land. Do not purchase a tag unless you already have access to a place to hunt.
  • Bag limit is one antlerless elk.

The new General Season Antlerless Elk Damage tag is a new approach to using hunting as management tool in areas of chronic elk damage.  The general season antlerless elk damage tag replaces 19 controlled hunts and will replace the need for Landowner Damage Program tags in the areas and during the time periods of the hunts. 

These hunts are a tool for hunters and landowners to directly work together to reduce elk damage. The hunt areas are nearly 100 percent private, largely agricultural lands. ODFW staff will not be able to assist you with finding a place to hunt. Elk numbers are highly variable within the hunt areas as many of the areas are designated as elk de-emphasis areas. 

map of areas open to general season elk damage hunts

Hunt area maps - available Jan. 17, 2020

Willamette Valley
Evans Creek
Maupin Unit
Biggs Unit
Columbia Basin Plateau
Walla Walla
Wallowa Valley
Grande Ronde/Baker?Keating Valleys
Halfway Valley
Richmond Valley
John Day Valley


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