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High lakes stocking schedule - Mid-Columbia District

June 21, 2019

Includes lakes in the Mt. Hood National Forest, the Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness and the Olallie Lake Scenic Area.

To help create fisheries in Oregon's back country, off-road areas, ODFW stocks 65 lakes in the Deschutes District every two years with brook, rainbow and cutthroat trout. 

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Lake Name Acres Depth Elevation National Forest/Wilderness*
Bear 2 12' 3,800' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Black 4 5' 3,800' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Boulder, Big 11 17' 4,600' Mt. Hood NF
Boulder, Little 6 5' 4,800' Mt. Hood NF
Catalpa 3 8' 4,100' Mt Hood Wilderness
Dublin 2 9' 3,500' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Jean 6 18' 4,800' Badger Creek Wilderness
Lower Twin 12 40' 4,100' Mt. Hood Wilderness
North 6 8' 4,000' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Rainey  10 8' 4,100' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Scout 3 6' 4,400' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Timber 10 18' 5,300' Olallie Lake Scenic Area
Upper 8 14' 5,150' Olallie Lake Scenic Area
View 7 10' 5,250' Olallie Lake Scenic Area
Wahtum 57 177' 4,000' Mark O. Hatfield Wilderness
Warren 5 8' 3,750' Mt. Hood NF

* Trails linked are for general guidance only. Consult the nearest US Forest Service office for the latest trail conditions. 

For more information about these lakes -- including the species stock, GPS coordinates and additional trail notes -- click here.


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