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High lakes stocking schedule - Wallowa District

June 21, 2019

Includes lakes in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area.

To help create fisheries in Oregon's back country, off-road areas, ODFW stocks 12 lakes in the Wallowa District every two years with rainbow trout.  

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Lake Name Acres Depth Elevation National Forest/Wilderness*
Aneroid 39 49' 7,520' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Crater  12 10 7,500' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Frances  40 21' 7,700' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Hawk  2.4 18' 7,993' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Heart  3 23' 7,340' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Hobo  8 34' 8,320' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Legore  2 30' 8,957' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Mellard Pond       Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Prospect  14 100' 8,380' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Swamp  43 23 7,837' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Unit  15 31' 7,007' Eagle Cap Wilderness  
Van Patten 23 75' 7,500' Wallowa Whitman NF   

* Trail links are for general guidance only. Consult the nearest US Forest Service office for the latest trail conditions. 

For more information about these lakes -- including the species stock, GPS coordinates and additional trail notes -- click here.


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