How to register for Hunter and Bowhunter Education, field days and outdoor skills events

December 13, 2018

The following step-by-step guide will walk you through the new online registration system. With ODFW’s electronic licensing system, you can now  register for events, online (24-hours a day, 365 days a year). You also can download confirmation to an app on your smartphone or print paper copies at home.

You can visit an ODFW office to purchase and receive paper or electronic copies of your class registration. At this time, you cannot register for classes or events at a license vendor, although you can still purchase your license and tags there.

Buy your event registration online

View a List of Upcoming Courses and Field Days

Proceed directly to the registration system

  1. To register, students must first verify their ODFW account, or create a new one by choosing “I am a new customer…” on the licensing website. DO NOT verify your account on the app, you need to verify through the MyODFWlicensing page before entering username and password on the app.

    screen shot of ELS login page

  2. To verify, customers will need their current hunter/angler ID number. If you don’t have your hunter/angler ID, you will need your last name, date of birth and one of the following:
    • The phone number associated with the account
    • The email address associated with the account
    • If you have none of these items, call ODFW Licensing at (503) 947-6101
  3. To create a new account, each customer will need a unique email address to establish the account. Parents may view available classes while logged into their account, but to purchase the event, students must be logged into their own account.
  4. Once you Login, choose "Purchase from the Catalog."
    Screen shot of ELS catalog page
    Then click "Class/Workshop"

    screen shot of ELS class page
    Choose your option of Conventional, Field Day, Bowhunter Education or Outdoor Skills Workshops tab

    screen shot of ELS class options

  5. After you have added the event to your cart, Proceed to Checkout. Follow the screen prompts to print template. This features a very handy print template with details of your event. To learn more about the electronic licensing system, duplicate licenses, buying a license for others, tagging an animal, about our downloadable app (including information on what to do if your smartphone dies or you are out of cell range) see our FAQS

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