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Ways to take a Hunter Education class

The four options below are designed for self-motivated students with good reading and comprehension skills - just choose one. All four course providers  are approved by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Average study time for each independent study option is approximately 10 hours and for youth requires the successful completion of an additional 6-7 hour field day.

Hunter education for the 2020 season

While traditional hunter education classes and field days are on hold, young hunters should continue to prepare for the upcoming fall season by applying for a tag, and working on their hunter education requirements. Our suggestions for young fall hunters:

  1. Complete a hunter education classroom portion course online or through the workbook option.

To request a workbook, email us at  Students must apply for an ODFW certificate by mailing a completed workbook to ODFW Headquarters, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, Salem, OR 97302 – Hunter Education.

NOTE: When you send in your workbook, please be sure to include on the inside front cover the student's name, mailing address, phone number and parent's mailing address so we can mail you your certificate. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your certificate to arrive from ODFW.  

Students will still need to complete a field day to receive their permanent hunter education certification.

2. As restrictions ease, look for field days and classes to open up. Hunter education staff and volunteers are gearing up to offer as many field days and classes throughout the state as they can, as quickly as they can. As classes and field days are set up, they’ll be posted here.

3. Apply for your fall hunt now. It’s not required to have completed hunter education in order to buy a license or apply for a tag, so complete the online class or workbook now. If you can’t complete your field day by your fall hunt, you can still go. ODFW has passed a temporary rule in effect Aug. 1, 2020 that allows youth to hunt during 2020 hunts even if they didn't complete the field day. These hunters need to be accompanied by an adult 21 years of age or older during their hunt.

Students must complete and pass the online or workbook portion and have in possession proof of completion while hunting.

4. This exception is only temporary. You will still need to complete a field day to receive your hunter education certification. This certification will be required to hunt in future years.

For adults:

  • Adults ages 18 and over can take hunter education online and receive their hunter education certification.
  • Field day is not required.
  • Select an online course below. At the completion of the course the customer will receive a temporary certificate with a valid Hunter Education certificate number. A permanent card will be mailed out.
  • Course providers are third-party companies - please contact their help desk with login and password questions.

For youth:

  • Students must complete online course and bring the online course completion certificate to a mandatory ODFW field day.
  • Field day instruction includes a review of course topics, Oregon hunting regulations, ethics, conservation, firearm safety field exercises, a live-fire exercise and a 60 question written final exam.

Online courses:

Below are links to the ODFW-approved online course vendors. Choose one of the courses below to get started and follow the vendors directions to complete the course.

All course descriptions below have been provided by the course providers and do not represent ODFW’s views of the courses. These courses are provided by private vendors and any data that you provide to them is subject only to each company’s privacy commitments. The state’s privacy policy does not protect any information that you may provide to these private vendors.

Hunter -

  • Mobile-friendly
  • ODFW chose Today's Hunter in Oregon for its classroom hunting safety course
  • Students can choose to listen to lessons in Spanish as well as English
  • Students can take this course on any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • Pick your online learning style: listen, read or both
  • Exam questions are read aloud, with pictures to trigger your memory - a exclusive
  • Hundreds of realistic illustrations - you'll feel like you're outdoors
  • Learn exactly how firearms work with detailed animations
  • Cost: $28.95 - paid to

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Covers 100 percent of required material
  • EXCLUSIVE - Virtual Field Day to get youth prepared for the instructor-led Field Day
  • Includes hundreds of images and interactive animations - more than ANY other online course
  • Every single exam question is accompanied by helpful visual aids
  • Includes bow, shotgun, and rifle shooting ranges
  • Pay only when you pass the course and want to print your Oregon Field Day Voucher
  • Cost: $29.00 - paid to HUNTERcourse

NRA logo

  • FREE – To everyone
  • Most comprehensive online hunter education course available anywhere
  • Interactive course design that enhances learning experience
  • Visualy stimulating video
  • Works on phones, tablets and computers
  • Modern, fun, and user friendly
  • Brought to you by the people who invented Hunter Education


  • Mobile-friendly
  • Features Easy Learning System™ that uses photos, narration that matches the printed word, and interactive exercises- a proven method of learning.
  • Detailed animations show you how to load firearms and how they work.
  • If you don't pass, you get your money back.
  • The only course to use photos throughout so what you learn is what you see in the field.
  • Same high quality, ODFW-required hunter safety content as the other courses at almost half the cost.
  • Cost: $13.00 - paid to

Field Days

  • There is a $10.00 fee for the field day session
  • Field days are taught by volunteer instructors and sometimes may not be available. Click here for a list of upcoming field days. Register early as field days can fill up quickly.
  • Be sure to bring the following forms signed by a guardian (forms will also be available at the event):
  •  Student Release Application
  •  Liability Release
  • There are no refunds or transfers for Hunter Education classes 
  • Adults are welcome to join the field days as well but are not required to do so.
  • Parents/Guardians may stay with their student during field day

Workbook option with mandatory field day

  • Students must study the Today’s Hunter in Oregon student manual and complete the provided 32-page workbook. Workbook will be graded by an approved instructor. The completed workbook is required for admittance to the field day.
  • Must attend mandatory field day. Click here for a list of upcoming field days. Register early as field days can fill up quickly.
  • Get student manuals, workbooks and materials from the ODFW Hunter Education Program at include the number of workbooks you need and the name(s) and address(es) you would like them mailed to.

How to Register for a Hunter Education Class or Field Day


Hunter education field day classes are taught by volunteer instructors. Class availability close to the hunting seasons may be limited. Consider the Mentor Youth Hunter Program if you can’t finish a hunter safety class before hunting season and are between the ages 9 - 15.

After completing your hunter education class, put your new skills to work at an ODFW hunting workshop. Check the Workshops and Events page for upcoming events.

These programs are funded by the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (Pittman-Robertson) and the Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act (Wallop-Breaux).


The Oregon Outdoor Skills Program is subject to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title IX of the Education Amendments 1972, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and offers all persons the opportunity to participate in programs and activities regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. No individual will be turned away from or otherwise be denied access to or benefit from, any program or activity on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex or disability. Complaints of discrimination should be sent to Chief, Public Civil Rights Division, Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240 

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