Hunters: Return black-tailed deer teeth

Information gleaned from the teeth of harvested black-tail deer will help ODFW biologists learn more about the deer population.

ODFW needs black-tailed deer teeth to better estimate the population of this species. Follow the directions below to remove a tooth, then wrap it in a paper towel to protect it and return it in an envelope to ODFW Wildlife Population Lab, 7118 NE Vandenberg Ave, Adair Village, OR 97330. Include the following information with the tooth: your name, address, date of kill, species killed, sex of animal, maximum number of antler points on one side and wildlife management unit or hunt where harvested. 

Pre-paid, pre-addressed envelopes for teeth are available at ODFW offices (though offices remain closed at least through Dec. 31, 2021) and many license sales agents. Hunters that submit teeth will receive a postcard with information about their animal after about nine months.

hunter extracting the tooth from a harvested deer
With knife, cut down through gum-line on both sides of one of the middle incisors.
hunter extracting the tooth from a harvested deer
Gently pry forward until the entire tooth, including the root, comes free.
hunter extracting the tooth from a harvested deer
Using pliers grasp the base of the incisor.
hunter extracting the tooth from a harvested deer
Place the incisor in the tooth envelope provided and mail to ODFW.


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