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Hunting the Northwest Goose Permit Zone

Get your permit to hunt goose in the northwest corner of Oregon- part of the Pacific Flyway for migrating waterfowl.

The Northwest Permit Zone and Northwest General Zones were combined in 2015. The zone is now called the Northwest Permit Zone and includes all of Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Tillamook, Washington and Yamhill counties.

Photo by Dave Budeau

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All goose hunters in the Northwest Permit Zone are required to have taken the Northwest Oregon Goose Test. Goose hunters must carry their Northwest Goose hunting permit while hunting. Goose hunters need to observe the shooting hours on page 23 of the Oregon Game Bird Regulations and in the table below.  If you already have a valid Northwest Oregon Goose Permit you do not need to re-take the test.


goose shooting hours
2020-21 NW Goose shooting hours

A Northwest Oregon Goose Permit must be purchased annually.

  • The permit costs $2.00 and is printed separately from the hunting license.
  • The season for Dusky Canada Geese is closed.  It is a wildlife violation to shoot a Dusky Canada Goose.
  • Legal shooting hours for geese in the Northwest Permit Zone are listed in the shooting time table (sunrise to sunset). 
  • All days of the week (during the open NW Permit season) are open to goose hunting.
  • Geese must be intact and fully feathered in the field and while in transit to the place of permanent residence of the possessor.
  • Click here to view a map of the Tillamook County goose hunting closure area.

Persons who do not have the ability to take an online test should call (503) 947-6324 to arrange an appointment to take the exam in person. Any hunter wishing to receive training materials to prepare for a test may call 503-947-6301 or you may download the PDF below.

Permits may be purchased online either by choosing electronic documents and carrying the permit on the MyODFW app on your smartphone or tablet, or buy online and choose paper documents and print the permit on regular paper at home. You may also purchase the permit through a license sales agent or ODFW offices that sell licenses; they can print your permit on regular paper. Please note a $2.00 agent fee does apply. There will not be a harvest card attached to your permit as it is no longer needed.

Average time to take the test is 30-35 minutes. You will need your ODFW hunter/angler ID number to take the test. You will immediately receive notification of your test results. If you pass the exam, you may obtain your permit from any point of sale agent within three days after passing your test. You have up to three chances to pass the exam with 80 percent correct or better per season.

A permit is not needed to hunt during any September Canada Goose Season.

A video, "Pacific Northwest Goose Management" is available to purchase through Videoland Productions, Inc., 1-800-845-9448.  The video can also be viewed online.

Cackling and Canada Goose Identification: 

A cackler goose is ok to shoot. Do not shoot dusky Canada geese.

Other Goose Species in the Willamette Valley and Lower Columbia River (2 meg pdf)
Comparing Goose Subspecies (2 meg pdf)
Neck Collar Photos and Sources of Information and Photos (1.53 meg pdf)

Header photo by Dave Budeau

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