Oregon Furbearer Hunting and Trapping Regulations

July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022
November 19, 2020

Please Note: Major changes are underlined throughout this synopsis.

License Requirements

Juveniles younger than 12 years of age are not required to purchase a license, except to hunt or trap bobcat and river otter.  However, they must register to receive a brand number through the Salem ODFW office.  To trap bobcat or river otter, juveniles must complete the trapper education course. Juveniles 17 and younger must have completed hunter education to obtain a furtaker’s license.

Landowners must obtain either a furtaker’s license, a hunting license for furbearers, or a free license to take furbearers on land they own and on which they reside.  To receive the free license and brand number, the landowner must obtain from the Salem ODFW Headquarters office, a receipt of registration for the location of such land prior to hunting or trapping furbearing mammals on that land.

Attention! Paperless Licenses are coming your way and your email address is needed. If you are a current participant in the ODFW Furbearer Program you will receive information in your license renewal packets. Email addresses can also be added by updating your account information on the Online Furtaker Harvest Report website. If you are new to the Furbearer Program at ODFW please contact License Services at (503) 947-6100 or go to ODFW.com for more information.

Trapper Education Requirement

By action of the 1985 Oregon Legislature, all trappers born after June 30, 1968, and all first-time Oregon trappers of any age are required to complete an approved trapper education course.

The study guide may be completed at home.  Testing will take place at Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) offices throughout the state. A furtaker’s license will be issued by the Salem ODFW Headquarters office after the test has been successfully completed and mailed to Salem headquarters, and the license application with payment has been received. Course materials are available by writing or telephoning Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, I&E Division, 4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, OR 97302, (800) 720-6339 x76002.

The course is not required of persons trapping on land owned or leased by that person, the person’s immediate family, or a person’s agent who is controlling damage to livestock or agricultural crops.

Mandatory Annual Reporting

Persons who were licensed, but did not fill out and return a completed Furtaker Harvest Report postmarked or submitted online by April 15, will not be issued a furtaker license for the following season unless they complete and return the late Harvest Report form and application with a $50.00 fee at time of renewal.

License and tag fees

  • Furtakers need either a Furtaker’s License or a Hunting License for Furbearers. Licenses are available for sale on June 1.
  • A Furtakers License allows the holder to trap, hunt, and pursue.
  • A Hunting License for Furbearers allows the holder only to hunt and pursue
  • A unique brand number will be issued to a person the first time they obtain a license. Like the Oregon Hunter/Angler ID number, the brand number is assigned to the individual furtaker for life.
  • A general hunting license does not allow the holder to trap, hunt or pursue furbearers, but only to hunt unprotected mammals (see definition below).

Resident Furtaker’s License                                      $54.50