Statewide Draw Lock Device Permit Program

September 1, 2021

This permit allows hunters with certain disabilities to use a draw locking device attached to the riser of a modern compound bow to help hold the bow at full draw.

Who is eligible?

Licensed Oregon hunters with a permanent or temporary disability which prevents them from pulling back and/or holding a bow at full draw are eligible for this program. The permit must be applied for annually and requires the disability be confirmed and detailed by the hunter’s physician.

photo of a bow held at full draw with a draw lock
Disabled hunters can hold a bow at full draw with a draw lock.

What is a draw lock device?

A draw lock device attaches to a modern compound bow just above the hand grip. It has a locking mechanism that allows the bow string to be drawn back and latched at full draw. Once latched, the string is released when the operator pulls the trigger at the rear of the device. Many draw lock devices come equipped with a foot stirrup forward on the device to allow for easier drawing of the bow. The Draw Lock Device Permit does not allow the use of a crossbow.

How do I apply?

To be considered for a Draw Lock Device Permit, you must complete an application and have a doctor confirm and detail the disability which qualifies you for the permit. Applicants must do this each year. Permits are valid from the date issued to the close of hunting seasons, March 31. Successful applicants will receive a permit and instructional letter via email or physical mail. The permit will also appear on the applicants Electronic Licensing System (ELS) account under Disability Information.

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