Start Podcast Bonus Episode: The Beaver State Podcast Book Club

So, how does this book club work?

    So, how does this book club work?

    We’ll be reading four books a year, or one book each quarter to be discussed in a podcast episode during that quarter. We’ll have guests that relate to the topics in the book as well as a special representative of the podcast audience to join us to discuss the book.

    The first book for the first quarter of 2023 will be “The Feather Thief,” by Kirk Wallace Johnson. I highly encourage folks to pick up a copy at your local library or your local bookstore. Or pick it up through an audiobook subscription and give it a read or listen while the podcast is on hiatus through January. In early February, we’ll return with the 4th season of the Beaver State Podcast and with a special Book Club Episode with special guests Emily Weidner a biologist from Bend, Oregon, and fly fishing and fly-tying author John Shewey to cover the fascinating world of high-end fly tying.

    How can you get involved?

    Send us an email at Beaver_State_Podcast@odfw.oregon.gov, and let us know why you’d like to participate in the podcast. You’ll need to be able to travel to Bend, Oregon in late January to participate or be able to participate through a Zoom or other digital connection. But we’d love to have one representative of the podcast audience to be part of that book club conversation with us.

    We’ll announce the next book in the series shortly after we publish the first book club podcast to give everyone enough time to read the next book.