Start Podcast Episode 128: Book Club - "Fuzz" by Mary Roach


    In this second installment of the Beaver State Podcast Book Club, we convened at the ODFW office in Clackamas to meet with Northwest District Watershed Manager Steve Niemela, District Biologist Dave Keiter and District Public Information Officer Beth Quillian too discuss author Mary Roach's book "Fuzz." This book takes an often humorous look at human/wildlife conflict around the world and compares those experiences with those many Americans experience. We looked at the shared experiences of biologists around the world and the ways in which technology is increasing our awareness of wildlife and the role of educating people about how to live with wildlife. 


    Show Notes: 

    Want to learn more about living with in Oregon? Check out these resources - https://www.dfw.state.or.us/wildlife/living_with/