Start Podcast Episode 130: Crows and Ravens with Dr. Kaeli Swift

Kaeli Swift

    Dr. Kaeli Swift is a researcher and renowned science communicator who loves to unwrap the fascinating world of Corvids for her followers on social media. We caught up with Dr. Swift in Seattle before she left for a new research project she's conducting on the island of Tinian. Dr. Swift talked to us about crows and ravens, their biology, behavior and intelligence in this episode of the Beaver State Podcast.‌


    Show Notes: 

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    Catch Dr. Swift on the Oologies Podcast talking about crow funerals - Corvid Thanatology (CROW FUNERALS) with Dr. Kaeli Swift — alie ward

    Book Recommendations - ‌

    "In the company of crows and ravens" by John Marzluff‌

    "Mind of the raven" Bernd Heinrich‌

    Check out the crows attacking the Barred owl at Seward Park when this podcast was recorded