Combined Angling Tag instructions and location codes

Upon taking an adult salmon, steelhead, legal-size sturgeon or Pacific halibut, the angler must immediately enter the codes for the species caught, ocean port or stream, and the month and day of catch. The information from these tags helps ODFW manage the fisheries and estimate total harvest.


(For bays and estuaries Use River Systems Codes)

Code Waterbody
1 Astoria
18 Gearhart Beach N to Astoria
19 Cannon Beach
2 Nehalem Bay
3 Garibaldi
4 Netarts Bay
5 Cape Kiwanda & Pacific City
6 Salmon River
7 Siletz Bay
8 Depoe Bay
9 Newport
10 Waldport
11 Florence
12 Winchester Bay
13 Charleston
20 Sunset Bay
14 Bandon
15 Port Orford
16 Gold Beach


Code Waterbody
211 Buoy 10 to Tongue Pt
212 Tongue Pt to Longview Bridge
213 Longview Bridge to I-5 Bridge
214 I-5 Bridge to Bonneville Dam
215 Bonneville Dam to The Dalles Dam
216 The Dalles Dam to John Day Dam
217 John Day Dam to McNary Dam
218 McNary Dam to Stateline


Code Waterbody
187 Alton Baker Canoe Canal (Willamette R)
114 Bear Cr. (Clatsop Co.)
115 Beaver Cr. (Columbia Co.)
116 Big Cr. (Clatsop Co.)
149 Big Sheep Cr. from mouth to Little Sheep Cr.
223 Blue R. (McKenzie R.)
117 Bull Run R.
120 Catherine Cr.
122 Clackamas R. below Carver Bridge
245 Clackamas R. from Carver Bridge to Bakers Ferry Rd.
246 Clackamas R. from Bakers Ferry Rd to River Mill Dam
247 Clackamas R. from River Mill Dam to Cazadero Dam
123 Clatskanie R.
131 Deschutes R. below Sherars Falls
203 Deschutes R. above Sherars Falls
132 Eagle Cr. (Clackamas R.)
133 Eagle Cr. (Columbia R.)
134 Fall Cr. (Willamette R.)
209 Little Fall Cr. (Willamette R.) 
135 Fifteenmile Cr.
137 Gales Cr. (Tualatin R.)
138 Gnat Cr.
231 Grande Ronde R. from Stateline to Wildcat Bridge
232 Grande Ronde R. from Wildcat Bridge to Island City Bridge
233 Grande Ronde R above Island City Bridge
140 Herman Cr. (Columbia R.)
229 Hood R.
144 Imnaha R.
208 John Day Arm
250 John Day R. (Clatsop Co.)
238 John Day R. below Cottonwood Bridge
239 John Day R. above Cottonwood Bridge
146 Middle Fork John Day R.
147 North Fork John Day R.
148 Johnson Cr. (Willamette R.)
151 Klaskanine R.
152 North Fork Klaskanine R.
153 South Fork Klaskanine R.
150 Knappa/Blind sloughs
154 Lewis & Clark R.
220 Long Tom R.
141 Lost Cr. (Willamette R. Middle Fork)
156 Luckiamute R.
156 Little Luckiamute R.
241 Lookingglass Cr.
157 Marys R
155 McKenzie R. below Leaburg Dam
158 McKenzie R. above Leaburg Dam
164 Molalla R.
139 Mosby Cr. (Willamette Coast Fork)
196 Plympton Cr.
242 Powder R.
165 Rickreall Cr.
221 Row R.
167 Salmon R. (Sandy R.) 
168 Sandy R. from mouth to Revenue Bridge
205 Sandy R. from Revenue Bridge to Salmon R
244 Sandy R. above Salmon R.
169 Santiam R.
170 North Fork Santiam R.
171 Little North Fork Santiam R.
172 South Fork Santiam R.
176 Snake R.
75 Soapstone Cr.
183 Springfield Mill Race
178 Tanner Cr.
180 Tualatin R.
236 Umatilla R. below Three-Mile Dam
243 Umatilla R Three-Mile Dam to Nolin
237 Umatilla R. above Nolin
182 Walla Walla R.
234 Wallowa R. mouth to Minam State Park
235 Wallowa R. above Minam State Park
184 Wenaha R.
203 White R.
185 Willamette R. & Slough below Oregon City Falls
186 Willamette R. above Oregon City Falls
188 Middle Fork Willamette R
210 Coast Fork Willamette R.
190 Yamhill R.
191 North Fork Yamhill R.
192 South Fork Yamhill R.
193 Youngs R. & Bay


Code Waterbody
21 Alsea R. and Bay
22 North Fork Alsea R.
23 South Fork Alsea R.
24 Applegate R.
25 Beaver Cr. (Lincoln Co.)
26 Beaver Cr. (Tillamook Co.)
27 Big Cr. (Lane Co.)
28 Big Elk Cr. (Yaquina R.)
29 Brush Cr. (Curry Co.)
30 Cape Cr.
31 Chetco R. & Bay
32 Cook Cr. (Nehalem R.)
33 Coos R. & Bay
34 South Fork Coos R.
35 Coquille R. & Bay
36 North Fork Coquille R.
37 East Fork Coquille R.
38 South Fork Coquille R.
39 Middle Fork Coquille R.
52 Cow Cr.
40 Cummins Cr.
42 Deadwood Cr. (Siuslaw R.)
43 Drift Cr. (Alsea R.)
44 Drift Cr. (Siletz R.)
45 Eel Cr. & Lake
46 Elk Cr. (Clatsop Co.)
47 Elk R.
48 Eucre Cr.
49 Fall Cr. (Alsea R.)
50 Five R. (Alsea R.)
51 Floras Cr.
54 Hunter Cr.
55 Illinois R.
240 Isthmus Slough
56 Indian Cr. (Siuslaw R.)
57 Kilchis R.
58 Lake Cr. (Siuslaw R.)
60 Miami R.
61 Middle Cr. (Coquille R.)
62 Millicoma R.
63 East Fork Millicoma R.
64 W Fork Millicoma R.
65 Necanicum R.
66 Nehalem R. & Bay below Hwy 26/Elsie
204 Nehalem R. above Hwy 26/Elsie
67 North Fork Nehalem R.
224 Neskowin Cr.
69 Nestucca R. & Bay
70 Little Nestucca R.
51 New R.
71 Pistol R.
72 Rock Cr. (Lane Co.)
73 Rock Cr. (Nehalem R.)
74 Rock Cr. (Siletz R.)
225 Rogue Bay up to Elephant Rock
226 Rogue R. from Elephant Rock to Grave Cr.
227 Rogue R. from Grave Cr. to Fishers Ferry Boat Ramp
228 Rogue R. above Fishers Ferry Boat Ramp
77 Salmon R. (Coast)
78 Salmonberry R.
79 Sand Lk.
80 Schooner Cr. (Siletz R.)
81 Siletz R. & Bay
84 Siltcoos R. & Lake
85 Siuslaw R. & Bay
86 N Fk. Siuslaw R.
87 Sixes R.
89 Smith R.
90 North Fork Smith R.
92 Sweet Cr. (Siuslaw R.)
93 Tahkenitch Cr. & Lk.
94 Tenmile Cr. & Lk. (Coos Co.)
95 Tenmile Cr. (Lane Co.)
96 Three Rivers
97 Tillamook Bay
98 Tillamook R.
194 Tioga Cr.
99 Trask R.
100 North Fork Trask R.
101 South Fork Trask R.
102 Umpqua R. & Bay
103 North Fork Umpqua R. below Winchester Dam
201 North Fork Umpqua R. from Winchester Dam to Rock Cr.
219 North Fork Umpqua R. from Rock Cr. To Soda Springs (Fly Area)
104 South Fork Umpqua R.
105 Wilson R.
106 South Fork Wilson R.
107 Little North Fork (Wilson R.)
108 Winchuck R.
110 Yachats R.
111 Yaquina R. & Bay


Code Fish Species
1 Chinook hatchery (king or black mouth) - has black lower gum line
2 Coho hatchery (fin-clipped) (silver) - has white lower gum line
3 Other salmon - pink (humpy); chum (dog); or Sockeye
6 Steelhead hatchery (fin-clipped)
7 White sturgeon - gray with uniform pale belly
9 Halibut

Instructions for Completing Salmon, Steelhead, Sturgeon, and Halibut Combined Angling Tag

Upon taking an adult salmon, steelhead, legal size sturgeon, or halibut (see regulations), the angler must IMMEDIATELY enter the codes for the species caught (ocean port or stream) and the month and day of catch.  Record fish in consecutive order.  Use only 1 line per fish. Anglers who harvest sturgeon and or halibut must also enter the fish length in inches.

Entries must be recorded in ballpoint pen. NO ERASURES ALLOWED

At the end of the year, return tag to ODFW, 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97302-1142 or deposit with an ODFW license agent.