Coquille Valley Wildlife Area Visitors' Guide

Coquille Valley Wildlife Area was initially established in 2013 with two equally important primary objectives; (1) To protect, enhance, and restore fish and wildlife habitats located on the WA, and (2) to provide a wide variety of wildlife-oriented recreational and educational opportunities to the public.

Best time to visit: Spring and fall

Visiting hours: Closed to public 10 pm to 4 am

Coquille Valley Wildlife Area Map (pdf)

An access permit is required at the Coquille Valley Wildlife Area. Permits can be obtained at no cost at the information kiosk on the Wildlife Area.

What to see and do: Coquille Valley Wildlife Area provides crucial habitat for migrating and nesting waterfowl and Oregon’s native fish. The area features good access to walk-in waterfowl hunting, fishing, paddle boating, and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Information and maps of the area are available at a kiosk located off North Bank Lane.

  • Wildlife: red-tailed hawk, red-shouldered hawk, turkey vulture, baled eagle, sharp-shinned hawk, northern harrier, townsends warbler, orange-crowned warbler, hermit warbler, Wilson's warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, golden-crowned kinglet, great egret, green heron, great blue heron, greater yellowlegs, American bittern, mallard, woodduck, green-winged teal, northern shoveler, American wigeon, blue-winged teal, western pond turtle, beaver, and river otter
  • Facilities: fishing, hunting, small boats
  • Nearby: Bandon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge ( is nearby. Several boat ramps on the Coquille River provide excellent access for boating and fishing. Many outdoor activities can be pursued on federal and state lands and nearby ocean beaches.

Directions: From Hwy. 42: Turn onto North Bank Lane. Parking area is approximately .6 mile on the right.
From Hwy. 101: Turn onto East Beaver Hill Road, then turn left (east) onto North Bank Lane. East Beaver Hill Rd. is located 8.5 miles north along Hwy. 101 from Bandon.

Address and Phone:
The Coquille Valley Wildlife Area is being managed through the ODFW Charleston Field Office.
ODFW – Charleston Field Office
63538 Boat Basin Drive
Charleston, OR 97420
(541) 888-5515

Additional resources: