Dexter Ponds Hatchery Visitors' Guide

Willamette Trout Hatchery and the adjacent Oakridge Salmon Hatchery were combined in 1983 and operate today as Willamette Hatchery. The trout hatchery was constructed in 1922 and the salmon hatchery in 1911. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) rebuilt the salmon hatchery in 1952 to mitigate for fishery losses caused by Hills Creek, Lookout Point and the Dexter hydroelectric/flood control projects. The trout side was rebuilt between 1950 and ‘56.

Today, Willamette Hatchery is used for adult holding/spawning, egg incubation and rearing of spring Chinook and rainbow trout. In addition, both summer and winter steelhead are reared at this facility. The Dexter satellite facility serves as an adult collection, rearing and acclimation release site for spring Chinook and summer steelhead.