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Find the 2019-20 hunt summaries and maps for Fern Ridge.

2019-20 Season's East and West Coyote Reservation Summaries

A pair of American Wigeon's standing on a log in the water

Reservation permits are obtained through the controlled hunt draw process. Unfilled reservations are available to hunters without reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis the day of at the check station. 

The information provided here is intended to help you get an idea of your odds of drawing a reservation for the East and West Coyote units. Fourteen reservation are available each day. Since you can only draw one reservation a year, here are some points to consider to increase your odds. If you don’t draw, you can always go get in the stand-by line.

  • Days that have more first-choice applicants than permits available will never be drawn as anything other than as first-choice. Meaning you are not going to draw a very popular hunt day as a second through fifth-choice.
  • If there are fewer first-choice applicants than permits, the process restarts for second-choice hunt applicants and so on. For your second and third-choice, choose a day that is not as likely to get more first choice applicants than permits available, that way you might still get drawn.
  • To increase the likelihood that you will be drawn, apply for a non-weekend hunt day or later in the season as there are typically fewer applicants. Looking at the number of first choice applicants last year can give you an idea of which days of the week and time periods typically get less applicants.
  • Check out our harvest statistics to see how the hunting has been at different times of the season.



Reservation Hunt Summary

Daily Harvest Summaries


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Nov 16, 2019 25 36     1.4
Nov 18, 2019 18 20     1.1
Nov 20, 2019 20 54     2.7
Nov 23, 2019 24 81     3.4
Nov 25, 2019 23 10     0.4
Nov 27, 2019 27 58     2.1
Nov 30, 2019 14 19     1.4
Dec 2, 2019 19 74     3.9
Dec 4, 2019 20 37     1.9
Dec 7, 2019 28 23     0.8
Dec 7, 2019 22 11     0.5
Dec 10, 2019 24 9     0.4

Hunt Blind Map 
East and West Coyote Unit Reservation Waterfowl Hunt program

Summary of the number of birds harvested by blind by date. This summary is updated after each hunt day and can help prioritize which blind to choose for upcoming hunts.

Stand-by Hunt Summary

2018-19 Season's East and West Coyote Reservation Summaries

Previous Years' Harvest and Count Data (pdfs)