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Game Bird Hunting

This migratory bird offers Oregon wing shooters an early opportunity to hunt, and with their quick flight, will sharpen your shooting skills.

Features: Slightly larger than its cousin, the rock pigeon, band-tailed pigeons have a grey body. As its name suggests, a wide pale band stretches along the tip of tail feathers. Up close a distinctive white, crescent-shaped mark across its neck is noticable.

Habitats: Found on the west side of the state, the band-tailed pigeon frequents semi-open coniferous forests. It forages on wild seeds and fruits in tree tops. In search of food, it travels in flocks from tree top to tree top.

Techniques: Find a food source, such as elderberry or cascara, and location with open shooting lanes. Then wait for birds to pass overhead. Be quick, these birds move swiftly. Extra shells may be necessary.