Game Bird Hunting

The small to medium-size brant is found mainly along Oregon's Coast, which can make for a unique hunting experience.

Features: Brant are a small to medium-size goose. They have smoky black backs and bellies, and dissected white collars and white around the tails provide striking contrast. The brant can live up to 20 years and are resilient enough to ride out storms on the open ocean.

Habitats: Brant are primarily found in bays and estuaries, but on occasion can be found inland. They forage on eel grass and other aquatic vegetation. Most of their feeding is in shallow water or in tidal flats. They tend to feed in flocks.

Techniques: As with any waterfowl hunting, location is key. Seek areas where brant would want to feed. While brant will decoy into spreads, there's no need to call.