Game Bird Hunting

With its large size (largest of all non-sea ducks in Oregon) and relative scarcity, the canvasback has earned “trophy” status among many Oregon duck hunters.

Features: Drakes have a reddish head and neck; black breast, lower back and tail coverts; nearly white back, flank, and belly, and dark gray tail. The hen is grayish brown with a darker brown head, neck, breast and tail coverts.

Canvasbacks are large; adults in good condition are as heavy as mallards and second in size only to the white-winged scoter among common Oregon ducks.

Habitat: Brackish estuarine bays and marshes with abundant submerged aquatic vegetation and invertebrates are ideal wintering habitat for canvasbacks.

Techniques: Generally part of a mixed duck bag. These ducks have a reputation as good table fare, especially those from non-coastal areas.