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Game Bird Hunting

It is illegal to harvest Columbian sharp-tailed grouse in Oregon. Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private landowners have worked to establish a viable population. Only a few of these birds remain, and their future is uncertain. 

Features: Columbian sharp-tailed grouse are brown-gray with small black and white markings, a white underside, and a short tail that is white at the base. They are a medium-sized grouse. Both the males and females have a yellow-orange comb over each eye.

Habitat: Columbian sharp-tailed grouse were historically found in most counties of eastern Oregon. These birds preferred the bunchgrass prairies interspersed with stream bottoms containing deciduous shrubs and trees. This habitat was particularly common in north-central Oregon and the Columbia Basin.

Technique: In 1929, Oregon closed its hunting season for sharp-tailed grouse and it has never re-opened. By the late 1960s sharp-tailed grouse were believed to have been extirpated from Oregon. Now there is a small population of reintroduced Columbian sharp-tailed grouse and efforts continue to bring this native bird back to the state.