Game Bird Hunting

The drake gadwall is a large mostly gray dabbling duck.

Features: Adult drakes have a black bill, buff head, gray body, and black upper and lower tail coverts. Hens are nondescript brown ducks with a spotted, yellowish-orange bill with black edges. Unique among dabbling ducks, the gadwall has a partly white speculum (rear part of the wing) that can be seen when the bird is in flight.

Habitat: Submerged aquatic vegetation makes up the majority of the gadwall's diet. As a result, they are often found feeding far from the shoreline, in deeper water than most other dabbling ducks. Can be abundant is eastern Oregon early in the season, but most will continue migrating to California as the season progresses.

Techniques: Generally taken as part of a general bag. The female’s quacking is similar to a mallard’s but more nasal and higher pitched.