Game Bird Hunting

Although not as imposing as the canvasback, the redhead is a large, handsome, fast-flying diver.

Features: The drake has a red head, black breast and tail coverts, and steel gray back, flanks and tail. Hens are a medium brown. During courtship, the drake utters a very unduck-like meow.

Habitat: This diving duck is a locally common breeding species throughout the marshes of eastern Oregon such as Ladd Marsh, Summer Lake, the Warner Wetlands, and Malheur NWR. Known for nest parasitism, laying eggs in the nests of other birds, usually other diving ducks, redhead eggs have also been found in the nests of a variety of species.

Techniques: The redhead is a very uncommon winter resident in Oregon, most likely to be found early in the season in the marshes of eastern Oregon. Because of this rarity, some hunters consider the redhead a “trophy” duck.