Game Bird Hunting

This small goose migrates through Oregon on its way to California's central valley. Often mistaken for a snow goose,
the Ross's goose tends to be an incidental harvest of hunters.

Features: The small Ross's goose looks very similar to a snow goose, but with some slight distinguishing features. Like the snow goose, this goose has black primary feathers. But it does not have the black grin of a snow goose on its pink bill. Also, their wing beat is faster and call higher pitched than a snow goose's.

Habitats: The Ross's goose can be found in shallow lakes and wetlands while in migration. It feeds on grasses, sedges and small grains.

Techniques: Often taken while snow goose hunting, the techniques are similar. Create a white decoy spread with silhouettes, white rags or white plastic bags. Concealment is always critical. Make sure there is no sign of your presence.