Game Bird Hunting

Snow goose hunting is popular in Oregon and thousands migrate through the state.
If you're in the right place at the right time, the experience is one to remember.

Features: A medium-size goose, adult snow geese are white with black-tipped wings that are visible in flight. Their pronounced pink bill has a dark "grinning" patch across it, and they have pinkish feet. Young of the year snow geese are grayish white with grey legs and bills. These birds are very vocal and can be heard over a mile away.

Habitat: Snow geese are well-adapted to agricultural land. They can also be found in wetlands, roosting in open water. Sauvie Island, Summer Lake and Klamath wildlife areas have abundant snow goose populations during various times of year.

Technique: Snow geese will decoy into spreads. Some hunters deploy large spreads of 500 or more decoys. Effective decoys can be silhouettes, white rags and even white plastic bags. The blind is critical, as with most waterfowl hunting. Make sure there's no sign of your presence. 

Note: If you hunt geese in Northwest Oregon, a Northwest goose permit is required. Learn more