Game Bird Hunting

Named after the white band across the base of their bill, this medium-size goose is prized by many goose hunters.
Its distinctive black and brown blotches on the breast earned this goose the nickname "specklebelly."

Features: The distinctive white band across the base of their bill gives this goose its name. It is medium in size with a gray and brown body. Adults have dark brown and black spots on their chests and breasts give this goose the "specklebelly" nickname, while the young of the year birds are a nondescript gray with yellow legs and bills.

Habitats: The white-fronted goose grazes on a mixture of grasses and grains. It can often be found in agricultural lands.

Techniques: Hunting white-fronted geese is not for the faint-hearted. Scouting is necessary. And since they're mostly found in agricultural fields, permission to hunt it is always required. Large spreads are needed for this leery bird. Calling is advantageous to getting their attention. Concealment is always critical.