Game Bird Hunting

A lot of ducks are beautiful. But its unique and vibrant colors make the wood duck stand above the rest. A drake wood duck is prized by many hunters.

Features: Wood ducks can not be mistaken. The drake's iridescent chestnut, greens and white patterning are distinctive. The hen has a unique profile and white pattern around the eye.

Habitat: Wood ducks are found in wooded swamps, on rivers and ponds. They feed on mostly seeds, but wood ducks will supplement their diet with aquatic plants, insects and crustaceans too. Acorns, hazelnuts, waste grains, and fallen seeds from trees and shrubs make up a good deal of their diet. As the name implies, they nest in tree cavities near water.

Techniques: Search out a wood duck's food source and wait. Pass shooting is the best strategy. And start early and end late - the best opportunities are at the start and end of shooting hours.