Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area Visitors' Guide

Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area was established in 1983, with the initial donation of land by the Oregon Wildlife Foundation (OWF) of 2,758 acres. In 1986 OWHF donated an additional 5,158 acres of land to the department. The Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area was initially established to provide permanent public angler access. However, especially with the 1986 acquisition, the wildlife area has grown to provide enhanced wildlife and fish habitat (i.e. through removal of livestock, riparian vegetation improvements, etc.) and more wildlife-oriented recreational activities such as hunting, boating, hiking and biking.

In 2015, ODFW partnered with the Trust for Public Land to acquire 10,198 acres of upland and tributary habitat for the wildlife area.  The Woosley Tract of Lower Deschutes Wildlife Area offers a very remote experience and can be accessed by boat only.