Minto Fish Facility Counts

The Minto Fish Facility is part of the Marion Forks/ Minto Fish Facility complex. Minto is located upstream of Packsaddle Park on the North Santiam River. The Minto facility has year round fish collection, acclimation for Chinook salmon and steelhead, a spawning facility, juvenile acclimation, short and long term holding of adult salmonids, water to water transfers for all fish, and out planting and fish recycling capabilities. 

Minto Dam creates an impassable barrier that encourages migrating fish into the facilities fish ladder. All fish moving upstream are counted, and disposition is determined depending on species and time of the year.

Fish Counts - 1/1/2018 to 6/26/2018



Spring chinook -- Ad-clipped 243
Spring chinook -- Unmarked 44
Summer steelhead 579
Summer steelhead, recycled 0
Winter steelhead 152
Coho 0
Rainbow trout 83
Whitefish 72


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