Oregon ocean salmon sport regulations

The ocean chinook salmon season opens March 15. Additional ocean salmon seasons (beyond May 1) are set in April. 

2020 ocean salmon seasons

Ocean salmon regulations are finalized in late-April for the “salmon year” that starts on May 1 and concludes the following April. The season regulations that go into effect March 15 of each year are those that were set in April of the previous year. In April, the Pacific Fishery Management Council and Oregon Fish and Game Commission adopt additional salmon seasons for the new "salmon year" beginning May 1.

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Statewide Regulations:

  • Anglers fishing for salmon and all anglers fishing from boats with a salmon on board are limited to no more than 2 single point barbless hooks per line, and no more than one line per angler.
  • It is unlawful to fish for or take and retain any legal species while possessing on board any species not allowed to be taken in that area at that time.
  • Minimum lengths: Chinook = 24-inches, coho = 16-inches, steelhead = 20-inches, no minimum length for pink, chum or sockeye salmon in the ocean fishery.
  • Refer to the 2020 Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations for descriptions of special marine management areas including closed areas and additional restrictions.

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