5 Alerts

The recreational harvest of razor clams is CLOSED from the south jetty of the Siuslaw River to the California border for elevated domoic acid levels.

The Dam Hole on the Trask River closed to fishing on Sept. 1 and will remain closed until Nov. 30.

Effective October 19, the daily bag limit reduces for adult hatchery Chinook 

Retention of wild adult fall Chinook salmon is prohibited effective October 5, 2019.

Steelhead, fall Chinook and coho bag limits reduced to one per day.

Recreation Report

Central Area

Recreation Report

We want your photos

Attention bear hunters – we want your photos!

If you take a camera in the field with you, we’d love to see photos of your hunt. When you submit your photos to ODFW they could appear on our website or signs, or in social or brochures. What a great way to share your experience with others!

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Hunting and fire danger

Dry conditions and the associated fire danger can have a large impact on your hunting opportunity. It pays to check in advance to see if there are any access restrictions in the unit(s) you plan to hunt.

Wolves and coyotes can look alike

Most wolves in the state today are in northeast Oregon but a few have dispersed further west and south. Wolves are protected by state and/or federal law and it is unlawful to shoot them. Coyote hunters need to take extra care to identify their target as wolves can look like coyotes, especially wolf pups in the mid-summer and fall. Please report any wolf sightings or wolf sign to ODFW using the online reporting system.



Cougar are present throughout the Maury, Ochoco, and Grizzly units. The Maury and Ochoco units are recommended because of their greater amounts of public lands and better accessibility. Cougars must be checked in at an ODFW office within 10 days of harvest. Please consult the synopsis for all required parts and be sure to call first to make an appointment.

Coyotes can offer an exciting hunting challenge. Both the Maury and Ochoco have sizeable areas of public lands that provide hunting opportunities. Hunters should use caution, be properly equipped and prepared for whatever the weather might bring.

DESCHUTES DISTRICT (Upper Deschutes, Paulina, North Wagontire, Northwest Fort Rock, Metolius)

Cougar can be found throughout the Deschutes District. Look for cougars wherever there are prey species. Predator calls are the most effective method of locating a cougar. There is a mandatory check in of all cougars. The unfrozen skull, hide, proof of sex and female reproductive tract must be submitted to an ODFW office during normal business hours and within 10 days of being taken. Check in is by appointment only so call ahead before showing up at the ODFW office.

Coyote: Good numbers of coyotes can be found throughout the Deschutes District. Calling coyotes with distress type calls has been effective for hunters. Calling in the early morning and late afternoon produces the best results. It is important to choose areas with abundant coyote sign and little human activity.

Please report any wolf sightings or wolf sign to ODFW using the online reporting system