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April 15 through June 30, 2020 sport harvest opportunities allowed for returning hatchery spring Chinook salmon in the Hood River.

Effective February 14th, retention of white sturgeon is prohibited on parts of the mainstem Columbia River.

Effective Feb 1 through June 30, 2020, retention of hatchery Chinook salmon is allowed on the mainstem Umpqua River.  Retention of wild Chinook salmon is prohibited.

Effective through March 31, 2020, all steelhead fishing is closed from McNary Dam to the OR/WA border.

Effective through April 30, 2020, the daily bag limit is one hatchery steelhead.

Steelhead, fall Chinook and coho bag limits reduced to one per day through April 30, 2020.

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Columbia Area

Recreation Report

We want your photos

Attention hunters – we want your photos!

If you take a camera in the field with you, we’d love to see photos of your hunt. When you submit your photos to ODFW they could appear on our website or signs, or in social or brochures. What a great way to share your experience with others!

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Other than a few late season controlled elk hunts, all deer, elk and bear seasons have ended.

We will update cougar quota information as needed, but otherwise we will resume regular big game updates with the spring bear forecast in April. See you then!

Cougar: The most productive way to hunt cougar is to use a predator call. Hunters are reminded if they harvest a cougar, they must have it checked in to an ODFW office within 10 days of harvest. See the 2020 Oregon Big Game Regulations for details.

Successful cougar hunters will need to check-in any cougar taken at an ODFW office within 10 days of the kill. Hunters are reminded that biologists located in field offices may be out in the field handling other issues. Please call ahead to your local ODFW office and schedule a check-in appointment to ensure a Wildlife Biologist is available prior to bringing the harvested cougar. The hide and skull must be unfrozen and the skull and proof of sex must be attached to the hide.

Coyote: Open year-round. Choose areas with abundant coyote sign and little human activity.

Try calling in early morning and late afternoon. Watch wind direction so you don’t away your location. Remember to ask for permission before hunting on private properties.

Wolves and coyotes can look alike

Today, hunters may encounter wolves in several parts of the state. Wolves are protected by state and/or federal law and it is unlawful to shoot them. Coyote hunters need to take extra care to identify their target as wolves can look like coyotes, especially wolf pups in the mid-summer and fall. Please report any wolf sightings or wolf sign to ODFW using the online reporting system.

Test your identification skills with ODFW’s new Coyote and Gray Wolf ID Quiz.