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Statewide intermittent network connection issues are affecting ODFW’s licensing system for some customers and license sales agents. 

Sport anglers fishing from boats can no longer retain cabezon beginning Aug. 15.

All fishing is closed (including catch-and-release) in the Columbia River and the Deschutes River from Monday, Aug. 12 through Sept. 15.

Angling prohibited within a 200 ft radius of all tributary mouths (including 200ft into the tributary) of the mainstem Umpqua River. 

Fishing restrictions needed due to poor forecasted returns.

Fishing restrictions needed due to poor forecasted returns.

Recreation Report

Columbia Area

Recreation Report

We want your photos

Attention bear hunters – we want your photos!

If you take a camera in the field with you, we’d love to see photos of your hunt. When you submit your photos to ODFW they could appear on our website or signs, or in social or brochures. What a great way to share your experience with others!

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7 tips to make the most of your preseason scouting

Kick off your 2019 hunting season now with preseason scouting. Learning the terrain of the area you’ll be hunting this summer will increase your chances of success this fall.

Hunting and fire danger

As early season hunters know, dry conditions and the associated fire danger can have a large impact on your hunting opportunity. It pays to check in advance to see if there are any access restrictions in the unit(s) you plan to hunt.


HOOD RIVER, WASCO, SHERMAN COUNTIES (Hood, White River, Maupin, West Biggs Units)    

Fall bear: Open Aug. 1- Nov. 30
Bear densities in White River and Hood units are high and early season hunting can be productive near fall berry crops.  So far this season, the Hood unit seems to be the hot spot for fall bear hunting, with several bears harvested thus far in the season.  Any accessible areas near the boundaries of orchards can also be productive areas to target bears.

Coyotes: Try calling for them from open fields, meadows, and pastures. The best areas to find them will be near farm grounds on the eastern boundary. Look for them in early morning or evening and pay close attention to wind direction.

Cougar: Most cougars are harvested by hunters targeting other species. Remember to purchase a cougar tag before heading out for other hunts. Cougars can be found in the same areas as deer and elk as they follow them through their migration routes. Also, try using predator calls to draw them in and be patient for them to make their appearance. The season is open all year, unless the zone quota is met in the area you are hunting.

White River Wildlife Area

Bear: Fall bear season is open and you have until Sept. 27 to purchase a fall bear tag. Be sure to pick up your tag before you actually hunt though! Look for bears in canyons, near water and around food sources such as acorn crops and wild berries. 

Wolves on the White River Wildlife Area are protected by state and /or federal law. It is unlawful to shoot them. Hunters targeting coyotes need to take extra care in identifying their target. Coyotes can resemble wolves, especially wolf pups. Please report any sightings of wolves or wolf sign to ODFW using the online reporting system.

Cougar: Cougar season is open in the White River Wildlife Area. 

Coyotes: There are no seasons or bag limits on coyotes. Populations are good throughout the wildlife area. Be aware that bobcats and cougars may respond to predator calls, and separate licensing/tags and season limitations exist for these species.

Test your identification skills with ODFW’s new Coyote and Gray Wolf ID Quiz.

Current road and weather conditions:  The roads on the wildlife area are dry and dusty and travel is allowed only on open roads designated by the green dot. Look for maps with road information at entrances to the wildlife area. Reminder: Display your required parking permit when visiting the wildlife area. Camping in the wildlife area is only allowed in designated camping areas. Fire restrictions are in effect within the wildlife area. No ATVs allowed in the wildlife area.  8/14/19