Razor clamming is now open from the south jetty of the Siuslaw River to the CA border.

The mainstem and West Fork will be open for retention of hatchery Chinook.

All  ODFW offices remain closed to visitors. ODFW staff will be available by phone and email.

All state-owned fish hatcheries remain closed to public access and visitors. Trout stocking in lakes and ponds continues for now.

Recreation Report

Columbia Area

Recreation Report

Gurley Canyon Region, White River Wildlife Area
Jake O'Reilly hunting in the Gurley Canyon Region, White River Wildlife Area

If there’s not a photo, it didn’t happen

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Big game updates are now monthly

Reports are updated the first full week of each month.

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Cougar (Check current harvest numbers.), coyote, black bear (opens April 1)

ANNOUNCEMENTS – fire closures, new regs to note


Eastside archery deer hunting goes limited-entry this year

Three expert perspectives on what to expect as all eastern Oregon archery deer hunting will be controlled hunts for 2021.

Big game harvest statistics

The 2020 numbers are available

Links to all the numbers you’ll need – population survey results, harvest statistics and point summary reports for each WMU – to decide where you want to try to hunt this fall.

Spring bear harvest updates

The numbers through April 26


Harvest through April 26

2020 total harvest (spring)













South Central









If you’re making plans for a May hunt, we’ve got resources to help you succeed:

2021 spring bear check-in

Required within 10 days of harvest

Temporary rules let you check-in by phone, voicemail or email. Check the link to see what information you’ll need to report.

Why apply for a Premium Hunt?

Let’s count down the reasons

5. Open to nonresident hunters.

4. Same price as a regular controlled hunt or general season tag.

3. No preference point advantage. All applicants have an equal chance to draw a tag.

2. An additional tag on top of your controlled hunt or general season tag.

1. A long hunting season during the peak of the rut (Aug. 1 to Nov. 30).

Sign up for a hunter education field day

Sign up early to get a spot

If you’re young hunter needs to complete hunter education before the fall seasons, sign up early. The closer it gets to hunting season, the more difficult it will be to find a spot.

Please report elk with hoof disease

If you see elk showing signs of elk hoof disease, including lame or limping elk or elk with damaged, injured, missing or deformed hooves, please report it using this online form.

Wolves and coyotes can look alike

Most wolves in the state today are in northeast Oregon but a few have dispersed further west and south. Wolves are protected by state and/or federal law and it is unlawful to shoot them. Coyote hunters need to take extra care to identify their target as wolves can look like coyotes, especially wolf pups in the mid-summer and fall. Please report any wolf sightings or wolf sign to ODFW using the online reporting system.

Test your identification skills with ODFW’s new Coyote and Gray Wolf ID Quiz.



Black bear: Generally, bear activity increases as this season proceeds. Most of the harvest comes in the last three weeks of May. However, that doesn’t mean there is not good hunting opportunity earlier than that.

In the early part of the season bears are less active so hunters need to exercise more patience in their search for one. Bears generally will be found on south facing slopes where grass greens up first. Grass comprises the majority of a bear’s diet during the spring.  Hunters should use good optics to search forest openings like clear cuts, meadows and in the vicinity of landslides as these are the places with good feed. Later in the season, a predator call can be more effective as bears may be keying on fawns and calves.

Cougar: The most productive way to hunt cougar on the north coast is to use a predator call. Hunters are reminded if they harvest a cougar, they must have it checked in to an ODFW office within 10 days of harvest. See the current guidelines for cougar check in.