Razor clamming is now open from Cape Lookout south to the CA border. Clatsop County beaches remain closed.

All  ODFW offices remain closed to visitors. ODFW staff will be available by phone and email.

Hatcheries have partially reopened during normal visiting hours (8-5 in most cases). Most indoor areas, visitor centers and restrooms remain closed so please plan accordingly. 

Recreation Report

Northeast Zone

Regulation Updates

Regulation Updates as of June 30, 2021

These are in-season regulation changes adopted on a temporary or emergency basis. Please see e-regulations for permanent regulations. 

Steelhead Regulations

John Day Basin

In the Mainstem John Day River (downstream of Tumwater Falls) for steelhead, angling for and retention of steelhead :

  • June 16 – August 31:  One hatchery steelhead allowed in the adult salmonid daily limit
  • September 1 – December 31: closed to steelhead retention

John Day River map

*Permanent regulations apply for other sections of the above tributaries.

"Hoot-Owl" Regulations

John Day River and Tributaries

Effective July 1 through September 30, all angling for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and trout is closed from 2:00 p.m. to one hour before sunrise in the entire John Day River and all tributaries.

Umatilla River and Tributaries

  • Effective July 1 through September 30, all angling for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and trout is closed from 2:00 p.m. to one hour before sunrise in the following areas:
    • Umatilla River and all tributaries that Oregon has jurisdiction over. This does not include the portion of the river within the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation lands.
    • Willow and Butter Creeks

Walla Walla River and Tributaries

  • Effective July 1 through September 30, all angling for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, and trout is closed from 2:00 p.m. to one hour before sunrise in the Walla Walla River and all tributaries.

Gamefish Size and Bag Limit Regulations

  • Effective July 15 through September 30, for gamefish , all size limits (minimum and maximum), as well as daily limits have been lifted in the following locations:
    • Honeymoon Pond
    • Kinney Lake
    • McGraw Pond
    • Salt Creek Summit Pond
    • Tee Pee Pond
Recreation Report

channel catfish, John Day River,
Excellent catfishing on the John Day River. Photo by Marcus Lewis

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Wallowa Lake is fishing well for trout and kokanee. Reports indicate a lot of small kokanee with some larger fish over 3 lbs. A few lake trout to 25 lbs. have also been recently reported. 6/23/21

As lower elevation ponds begin to warm and aquatic weed growth accelerates, trout anglers should consider high elevation locations, where water stays cooler longer.


River levels in the Imnaha and Wallowa basins are still above base flow. However, stream temperatures are beginning to warm and anglers should be aware of proper handling techniques. Fishing will be best in early morning or right before dark. Remember, Chinook salmon may be encountered in some streams and should either be broke off or released quickly and unharmed.

Due to the recently developed Elbow Creek Fire, access is closed to the Grande Ronde and Wallowa Rivers in many areas, particularly near the town of Troy which is under Level 3 Evacuation orders – please use caution when considering recreating in these areas, as risk of wildfire is high and could present unsafe situations.

River levels in the John Day are dropping rapidly, with recent levels at Service Creek around 300 CFS. Conditions are still good for those looking to target smallmouth bass. Note that flows below 1,500 CFS make boating more challenging, and current flows will be very difficult for anything larger than a single person inflatable raft.


Scheduled to be stocked this week (week of July 26): No stocking is scheduled for this week.

Check the 2021 trout stocking schedule.

TROUT STOCKING MAPS: Find your place to fish

Check out the ODFW fishing and trout stocking maps to find nearby fishing locations, driving directions and descriptions of amenities.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: closures, special events, etc.

Umatilla National Forest closes to public access

This is a temporary closure due to severe fire danger. Check here for updates.

Warm weather fishing updates and guidance

Temperatures have moderated in many areas of the state. However, drought and low water levels persist and we can expect water temperatures to spike again later in the summer. Here’s what you should know about fishing in these conditions:

  • ODFW has adopted emergency regulations for some waterbodies. These include closing fishing during the hottest part of the day, and lifting bag limits for lakes and ponds that are likely to go dry. See the Regulation updates at the top of each zone in the Rec Report for the latest.
  • Conditions are right for blue-green algae outbreaks in ponds, lakes and reservoirs. You can find the latest alerts on the Oregon Health Authority website. However, OHA does not monitor all waterbodies, so be leery of any algae blooms you see, and follow these precautions to fish safely.
  • Hot water can stress fish out. Anglers can give fish a break by following these tips when fishing in warm summer water.
  • Access may be limited by wildfires. To help you navigate the status of popular recreation sites, natural resource management agencies in Oregon have released an interagency status map that shows open, closed and reduced service areas on a single map, regardless of reason for closure. Also check the zone reports for updates on specific waterbodies.


ALDRICH PONDS (Roosevelt and Stewart Lakes): trout (2 fish limit)

Recent reports have been positive, with many anglers reporting success catching larger fish. Weed growth is beginning to limit fishing in areas of the ponds, but recent reports indicate fishing is still good. Last updated 7/14/21.

CAVENDER POND (Monument, OR): trout, largemouth bass

Please note that we have observed a fish kill occurring at this site, with both stocked trout from this spring as well as largemouth bass affected. Drought conditions and very high temperatures are presumed to be the culprit, but we are in the process of analyzing samples to try to determine the cause for the die-offs. Last updated 6/31/21.

GRANDE RONDE RIVER: trout, whitefish, bass

Due to the recent Elbow Creek Fire, access to fishing on the Grande Ronde is closed throughout most of the river downstream of the city of Elgin. Please use caution when considering recreating in these areas. Last updated 7/21/21.


About 1,000 legal and 100 trophy trout were stocked in Hat Rock Pond on June 10. Fish should be active in the early mornings, and fishing pressure will start to pick up since the weather has been warm. Look for fish in the deeper part of the pond as water temperatures start to warm. Make sure to play fish as fast as possible and if you plan to harvest fish, get them on ice as soon as possible since they will spoil quickly in this heat. Last updated 6/30/21.

IMNAHA RIVER: trout, whitefish, bass

Fishing for trout and whitefish in the upper reaches of the Imnaha will be best as temperatures down low increase. Look for good bass fishing around structure and deep holes in the lower river. Bass will move in and out of the river during the summer with the best fishing looking to be in July and early August.

Spring Chinook and bull trout will be present in the system and must be released unharmed. Last updated 7/7/21.

JOHN DAY RIVER: steelhead, smallmouth bass

Flows on the John Day River are currently unusually low for this time of year, but will allow for good conditions for those targeting smallmouth bass.

June and July are often the prime month to target bass, and current conditions should make for excellent fishing. Note that river levels have dropped to 125 cfs at the Service Creek gage, making for challenging conditions to boaters using anything larger than single person inflatables. Morning and evening tend to be the best fishing, and anglers are reporting good fishing with both topwater lures and tube jigs. Last updated 7/14/21.

MAGONE LAKE: rainbow and brook trout

Fishing has been excellent the last few weeks, and should stay that way over the next month. Fishing has been best in the early morning and late evening hours, although some fish are still being caught midday. Last updated 6/30/21.

McNARY PONDS: walleye, bass and trout.

About 2,000 legal and 100 trophy trout were be stocked at the McNary Ponds on June 10, distributed evenly throughout all the ponds within McNary Pond network. Fishing will be the best in the early morning hours, before the sun hits the ponds. The fish have been active, taking both lures and flies, with luck being had by all methods. Make sure to play fish quickly and get them on ice as fast as possible if you are planning to retain the fish. Last updated 6/28/21.

MORGAN LAKE: rainbow and bass

Morgan Lake has been closed indefinitely due to extreme fire risk in the area. Please contact La Grande City Parks and Rec for more information. Last updated 7/21/21.


Steelhead fishing reopens on Sept. 1.

Trout fishing on the Umatilla River remains open until Oct. 31. Trout fishing on the Umatilla has slowed due to warmer water temperatures, but fish can be found in the headwater sections. If you plan to fish, make sure to fish in the early morning hours and play the fish as quickly as possible. Bait is not allowed above Ryan Creek. Concentrate efforts in the early morning and faster pocket water as the water temperature rises, and get the fish to hand and back in the water as soon as possible so as to not stress the fish too much. If you plan on harvesting any fish make sure to bring a cooler with ice and get the fish on ice as soon as possible as they will spoil very quickly.

The spring Chinook fishery opened on May 25, 2021 on the Umatilla River. The section from Hwy 730 bridge to Threemile Dam is now closed; the section between Threemile dam to the CTUIR reservation will remain open until June 30th. As of 6/1/21 all spring Chinook were trucked upstream to be released into the upper Umatilla basin to increase survivability. Last updated 6/30/21.


The early trout stocking for Marr Pond has been canceled through late June to accommodate improvements to accessibility. With the exception of Marr Pond, all stocked waterbodies have received at least their they’re first stocking and fishing should be good. Forest ponds are mostly accessible and some have been recently stocked.

Some of these ponds will likely experience temperatures this year that will result in fish kills. Most late season stocking has been curtailed or put in early to avoid high temperatures and difficult conditions. Last updated 7/7/21.

WALLOWA LAKE: rainbow trout, kokanee, lake trout

Wallowa Lake has been fishing well for kokanee with reports of lots of small fish but a few larger fish over 20 inches being found. Wallowa Lake has been stocked and fishing for trout is good.  

Spring is a good time to fish for lake trout as they’re active and can sometimes be found in the shallow areas. Methods typically involve good electronics, downriggers and sometimes jigging. Wallowa Lake is a great place to fish during high temperatures as there is always some cold water in deeper areas. Last updated 7/7/21.

WALLOWA RIVER: whitefish, trout

There have been recent reports of good fishing on the Wallowa River. However, with high temperatures the river is starting to warm and fish will likely be off the bite during the heat of the day. Look for the best fishing in the early morning and late evening. Remember, Chinook salmon may be encountered and should be released immediately. Anglers are reminded to use best handling practices during high temperature conditions. Last updated 7/7/21.

WILLOW CREEK RESERVOIR: trout, crappie, bass

There were 750 trophy trout stocked in Willow Creek Reservoir on June 9. This time of year, fishing tends to pick up for warmwater species. Look for bass and crappie to be cruising along the bank in the shallower water in the mornings, then into deeper water and near the rockier banks as the water warms. Fish for trout in the deeper, cooler water in the middle of the reservoir in the early mornings. You can also access a significant proportion of the reservoir of the via boat, so bring your boat and troll the depths for the larger trophy trout.

Fish have been taking both lures and flies. A spinner, damsel fly nymph or small jig should be productive this time of the year as the water warms. Fish bigger lures deeper in the middle of the reservoir once the sun gets on the water. Last updated 6/30/21.